JOHNNY PANIC 'The Good Fight'
Repeat Records
MBRR125 (CD) (52m44s) Nov 2007:

Johnny Panic are a pop-punk quartet from London (formed 2002) drawing inspiration from 50 years of rock'n'roll – Buzzcocks, Clash, Guns'n'Roses, early American punk scene (Nerves/Blondie/Ramones) then by way of 60s having covered The Turtles' fabulous 'Happy Together'....with also Hard Fi & The Coral thrown in for good measure. Vocalist Rob Solly is a martial arts expert and this energy & combativeness spirit seems to spring forth - aided in part by one hell of a guitarist both in speed & melody in Matt James. Opener 'Heroes Of Villains' delivers the first blow and what catchy choruses on both 'The Rebel' & 'The Third Degree'. 5th the anthemic 'A World Away' with a beautiful refrain "I just can't figure it out" is the prize & strongest slice here.

Next the gentle but also anthemic 'This Time' demonstrates lyrically that they are also up to it – amazing number actually. Onto 9th track 'Gone' which sonically sizzles ala Stooges with this high continuing on over the last 4 tracks finishing with the aptly titled 'The End Is Near'. Vocally & instrumentally (and having also discovered the button of good melody) then this album proved a knockout - a really wonderful surprise and one which should also appeal to a wide audience. Good for summer fun beach parties as well. (9)

Ron Cooper, Zabadak fanzine

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