Street Preaching?

It's a little known fact that radical ranting agit-punk poet Attila the Stockbroker was once supported at a gig at Swansea University by a little known local band Manic Street Preachers. Attila remembers the occasion well, and here we include the recollections of the promoter Andy as well as some original letters and posters from his private collection...

Here's Attila:

They came on with all the stencilled clothes, looking like a '77 Clash, and I was well impressed. I'd already heard 2 tracks of theirs on the 'Underground Rockers' compilation and we talked about it afterwards: they were friendly enough, although someone from their area of the room did shout out 'FUCK OFF!' really loudly during my set, but I reckon that was just attitude.
They were certainly as nice as pie afterwards. It made me take a big interest when 'You Love Us' came out, I bought it, I've still got it on vinyl - and now have all their albums, though the early stuff is still my favourite.


Dear Attila,

After we exchanged a few words last Sunday (the Evening Star) about the Gig you played in Swansea about 15 years ago with the Manic Street Preachers, enclosed are a few bits and pieces I still have from that time.

The original line up was to be Les Thugs and yourself, until Les Thugs canceled at the 11th hour (probably once they worked out how far from Angers, Swansea was). I knew the Manics via a friend and whilst I edited the student newspaper I relentlessly promoted them, hence they were keen
to play and (if I remember correctly) Richard and Nick were still studying at UC Swansea. I pulled a fast one with them and mislead them about what we were paying Les Thugs (I think it was the same as you) hence we got them £100 cheaper. We (the Psychobop) still lost a bucket load of money on the gig, as we seemed incapable of doing basic figures and working out that anything other than a capacity crowd meant we were down on the deal. The gig was excellent and somewherew I might have the SU newspaper review...