Manics on Mastermind

Here are the questions Katy Bennett, Mastermind contestant and one time R*E*P*E*A*T Reader, faced in the hot seat on September 15th. She scored 14 and lead the field, until the general knowledge round. However if you've heard Richey's lyrics and seen Nicky grin, who cares who the snooker champion was in 1982 (though doubtless The Wire would know!)? Manics fans are bound to fail; all we love is lonely wreckage …

Anyway, on with the quiz exactly as it was worded on the telly; your two minutes starts HERE!!

Small black chair that grills in the night

1) What was the name of the group's co-manager and general benefactor who let them live in his Shepherd's Bush home and died an early death in December '93?
2) In August 1989, which single was released only as a self financed limited pressing of 300 copies for distribution to journalists?
3) Which historical event inspired the group's first number one single, "If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Next"?
4) On which record label was their 'New Art Riot' ep released in 1990?
5) What was the stage name of the group's original guitarist replaced by Richey Edwards at the end of 1989?
6) Which film and television theme did the group record for the NME charity compilation 'Ruby Trax' in October 1992?
7) What was the title of The Manics single which topped the UK charts in January 2000?
8) Which London hotel did Richey Edwards check out of before disappearing in February '95 on the group's tour of the USA?
9) After which French film did the founder members consider calling themselves before deciding on Manic Street Preachers?
10) Under what title was the Manic Street Preachers Greatest Hits album released in 2002?
11) What was the title of the first Manic Street Preachers album released after Edward's disappearance?
12) A quotation from which artist was included on the cover CD booklet of the 'Everything Must Go' album?
13) Which former teenage porn star provided the backing vocals on "Little Baby Nothing" on the 'Generation Terrorists' album?
14) Which track on the 'Holy Bible' album with lyrics by Richey Edwards deals with the subject of anorexia?
15) Which fashionable record label did the group leave to join Sony in May '91?
16) Which Bacharach song did the group record for the War Child charity album 'Help' in September 1995?

Congratulations to Katy for getting 14 right, same as me; see all those teenage hours writing to R*E*P*E*A*T weren't a waste of time. As she said, "since I got into them at about 14, they've made me read books I wouldn't have expected and have made me interested in politics, well they planted suspicion of politics in my mind, and I've not come across any other band that's done that."

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