Stronger than Mensa..?

Alex Winters of CBBC chose Manic Street Preachers as his specialist subject for the episode of Celebrity Mastermind broadcast on December 29th 2011. Here are the questions, which I've abbreviated to make slightly harder, but they are still considerably easier than those faced by R*E*P*E*A*T reader Katy Bennett on a real episode of Mastermind transcribed here.

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1) Which Welsh mining village were the band from?

2) What were the band originally called?

3) The band won a Brit award for which album?

4) What's the title of the groups début album?

5) Which group did they support at 2 concerts at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1993?

6) What's the title of the band's first self financed single released in 1989?

7) What song from the album The Holy Bible did the lead singer perform on Top of the Pops wearing a black balaclava?

8) What tour in 2005 was announced as being their last for 2 years?

9) What 2009 album recorded on analogue tape contained the 13 songs with lyrics originally by Richey Edwards?

10) In December 1992 which musician did Nicky Wire make disparaging comments about?

11) In which huge venue did the band play on December 31st 1999 which performance was released as the DVD 'Leaving the 20th Century?'

12) On What independent record label were the singles 'Motown Junk' and 'You Love Us' released?

13) What is the title of the group's album of B sides, rarities and cover versions?

Congratulations to Alex (who went on to reveal he'd like to be in the band!) who got 12 marks, can you do better?

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