VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Burn Cambridge Burn'
Repeat Records MBRR123 (CD) (57m23s) 2007

Featuring 5 acts this 12 track compilation opens via the aptly named Anti-Social Burn-Outs with their brand of fiery urgent thrash metal power pop (a heavier version of Lost Prophets); Cosy Cosy then supply some matches with 3 fine varied slices of male/female blazing indie powered punk pop with best being 'Milk Tray' (Dave Dee/Adam Ant/Tenpole Tudor probably somewhere in their record collection); The Hope takes us down into more of a twisted metal pop rock mournful world of hopelessness via their 3 tracks with 'Burn This City' & 'Another Sex Song' igniting the most; dispensing 3 numbers The Khe Sanh Approach increase the flames - 'British Theatre 1956-1959' with its slow purposeful atmospheric build-up by way of jangly guitars & raw vocals (reminds of Glenn Matlock's London Cowboys)...and if you don't believe that can top that they then move into a quasi-similar 13 minute workout 'Crocodile Teargas' with manic fuzzsaw guitars "it was 1999 and we were going to party like kids...we lost our way we lost the plot we lost the lot" – angry & intense but also somehow beautiful.

Where to after all that well then through the aptly named Bomb Factory the blast is completed via the title piece 'Burn Cambridge Burn' with an eloquent spoken intro "So take the old school tie, wrap it round their throats" before igniting into an art punk rock apoplectic rant driving rhythm guitar workout "They say you can walk to London on land the college owns". An excellent clever concept here - brilliant & vehement. (8½)

Ron Cooper, Zabadak fanzine

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