Some of you may have been tickled by an article that was up on this site entitled " I am Losing Patience with my Neighbours, Mr Bush". Most of you will have been irritated that it wasn't about important stuff like the latest hot band in Cambridge and how shit they are and will have gone back to sipering on the message boards. Anyhoo, we received this and it seems we was bad people so instead of the lovely article you get this instead. Good old Socialist Guardian, the first to batter our brains with demands for cold hard cash. Good to see their priorities lie with their bank accounts rather than with stopping the war.

So who at the Guardian is reading R*E*P*E*A*T to notice that we had reproduced the thing in the first place? Maybe it was a mole. One of the three people who read this site is a mole...


RE: Guardian Terry jones "I am Losing Patience with my Neighbours, Mr Bush" 26/1/03 We would be pleased for the above article to be included in your forthcoming publication. Please find below the terms and conditions of use and quote for the copyright licence fee.

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