R*E*P*E*A*T Anti Christmas Party, 27.12.02, by Ed (sic, all of it sic)

Simon Baker | The Virgin Suicides | Greg Neo | Seymour Glass(Miss Black America) | Greg McDonald (Dawn Parade) | Jordan Hammer Ramone | Australian Foxy Ramone |

Pix by Malcolm, Joe, Sarah, Jordan and Rosey

This gig/party was realy good, an i realy enjoyed myself. I think the order and people who ive put up was right but im not all that sure. Anyway the first two people on played some alright accostic stuff, it wasnt particly exciting or in your face but they played realy well, i thought so anyway so t was rockin for them palying so tightly.

The Virgin Suicides were up next, apparently dikon was fealing like pukeing he recond it was nothing to do with the beer, anyway even though he recond they were crap, i thought it was realy good, they looked like noone else who played that nite, through playing that accostic set i think they proved somthin im not sure what, but evryone was sitin there listening to them, people wanted to hear what they were singin about i guess.

Then greg neo played a bleadin brillant set it was punchy and cool, anyway i think he went beyond the normal bordom of the clasic badly played accostic sets that all these crappy bands put out. I mean whats the point seeing these people who are realy best at palying electric guitars pissing around geting bored, i mean like coldplay and those tossers, there boring enough without playing accostic gitairs, anyway greg neos set was realy brillant and spangaly an exciting and evrything music should be, coldplay arnt music this is where its happening.

Seymore glass was also realy good, he played realy excitingly and made his set sound realy brillant. The only anoyyin thing was he kept sayin what track numbers off of his cd he was playing, but hell hes realy good so who gives a shite.

I didn't realy listen to Greg McDonalds set cos i went to get a pint then talked to someone near the door, so he could have been realy good or just boring.

Jordan Hammer was realy brillant he came on and said something like "Im gonna play an electric guitair (cos im a rebbel)" and he played too songs, dead leaves on the dirty ground (white stripes) witch was realy brillant an also another one that was also realy good, but beer has errased that part of my brain so i dont know what it was.

Then foxy ramone hit the stage the energy commin off them was egg fryingly huge. I think the first song they played was youve gotta fight for your right to party. That was so energy full evryone was on there feat jumping or whatever. All the other songs that followed were realy energy packed, they played baggy trousers with this guy doing the organ part on a melodica witch was funny but it also sounded realy good.

Also foxy ramone sounds realy good with jordan singing as well because it gives way more depth than simple growling. There begining to sound realy good (how can they carry on ruining great songs).

so there you go, it was a realy good gig.
4 an a half stars outa 5 cos nothings perfect