Let's Kick Racism Out of Football

We are concerned by the alarming return of racism to our grounds. Barely a weekend goes by without incidents of prejudice amongst fans or players, in Britain and across Europe.

We agree with Garys Neville and Lineker that the responsibility for this ultimately rests with those at the top of society, such as Boris Johnson and Trump, whose comments and actions fuel prejudice and division.

Buoyed by this poison, groups such as the so called Democratic Football Lads Alliance continue to try to spread their bile around our game. Muslims bear the brunt of their hate, but no minorities are safe.

However, we know that most fans value diversity and hate racism.

Show Racism the Red Card and Kick It Out have made great advances in marginalising the racists. At recent games, anti racist fans have drowned out racist chanting. Last season, Tommy Robinson was kept away from the Hearts vs Rangers game. Anti racist fans at grounds like Crystal Palace, Swansea, Leeds, Leicester and elsewhere have helped marginalise far right elements at grounds.

We welcome the fact that on March 21st, football fans will come together on a 'Football For All' bloc on the demonstration marking UN anti racism day in London. We support vibrant and united opposition to the racists and fascists.
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We won't go back to dark days when BME fans and LGBT fans were targeted. We call on fans and fans groups to actively oppose bigotry in our game, and to ensure that our game can be enjoyed by all.

Statement initiated by anti racist football fans

Backed by

Stand Up to Racism
Unite Against Fascism
Show Racism the Red Card
Show Racism the Red Card Wales
Clive Lewis MP (Norwich City Fan)
Daniel Zeichner MP (Cambridge United Fan)
Geraint Davies MP (Swansea City fan)
Jacks Against Racism and Fascism (Swansea City Fans)
Attila the Stockbroker (performance poet and official poet to Brighton and Hove Albion)
Phil Vasili, author of 'Walter Tull Footballer and Officer' and 'The First Black Footballer : Arthur Wharton'
Stephen Hedges, author of 'The Player from Ponty'
St Andrews against Racism (Birmingham City fans)
All Red All Equal (Man Utd fans)
Tony Phillips, Eagles Against Racism and Fascism
Steve White and the Protest Family (Leyton Orient fans)
Chris Tavner (Comedian, Bournemouth Fan)
Julie Bremner, 'Proud Canary' - Norwich City FC
Nigel and Ben Reigate, Norwich City FC fans
Ian Winfield, Leyton Orient Fan

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