Yawners - 'So Long/ Fuck It/ Forgiveness'
(Punk Fox Records XOF009)

Spanish punk duo Yawners mishmash of punk and alternative rock influences are showcased to their full potential on this 3-track single on Punk Fox. There’s no bass but you wouldn’t notice, thanks to a canny use of razor-edged guitar overdubs that enhance the instrumental passages (without challenging the vocals for precedence) and furious drumming that keeps it all barrelling along.


Lead track ‘So Long’ is undoubtedly the poppiest offering, with its sunny melody and chord progression but it’s the second and third tracks that really show their capabilities. ‘Forgiveness’ has a similar rhythm to Nirvana’s ‘Drain You’ but is sprinkled with melody straight out of Liz Phair’s ‘Guyville’. The instantly loveable ‘Fuck It’ charges out of the stalls like Pegasus on performance enhancing drugs, powered by a Pistols-ripped riff and a spirited vocal delivery on the chorus.

Lyrically, these songs carry a direct message uncluttered by poetic flights of fancy or clevererer-than-thou verbiage (intentional sic) so to quote them would not be doing them justice as they feel more part of the song than something to be read off the page. It’s all about the grand total of noise and energy and it works a charm all of its own. Another fabulous record for the Punk Fox label.