White Riot
Swansea Bunkhouse


Who are your favourite punky three pieces?

Nirvana, Husker Du, The Jam, Ash?

White Riot, a punky three piece from the beleaguered South Wales steel town of Port Talbot, want to be added to your list.

In the middle of their first proper tour, they've been honing their live sound, and doesn't it show? Kicking over the baggy statues of their influences, they emerge leaner, stronger and ready to do battle with a world that needs them more than it knows.

Mid set tonight was the best I've seen them play in the 18 months I've been watching them. The guitars are incisive, penetrating and sharp, the rhythm section powerful, brain splitting and mosh inducing, and the tunes compelling. And you can't take your eyes off the stage as the boys hold your attention like a fire in a blast furnace, their set flaming with their energy, adrenaline and yes, anger.

“This is for anyone who voted fucking Tory!”

Mid set tonight, they reminded me of my personal favourite punky three piece, the incredible S*M*A*S*H.

All the elements are there for White Riot to achieve something special : songs, live performances, a growing loyal fan base, commitment, hard work and ideas. Something to say.

'All' it takes now are a couple of top notch recordings, and a bit of luck.

White Riot are a band who are starting to take themselves seriously.

Maybe it's about time for you to do the same.

Words and Pix - Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T
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