Korpiklaani + Turisas + Trollfest
Bilbao Sala Santana 27

March 1st 2019

Last Friday, 1st March, I enjoyed the “Wayfarers & Warriors Tour”, in my lovely hometown, Bilbao. After coming back to my city a year later, for this reason this event was really special for me, I can have the joy of my friends and the show. The venue was in the iconic Santana 27 and promoted by Madness Live!, in Spain.

Three bands touring together, Trollfest (Norway), Turisas (Finland) and Korpiklaani (Finland). The last two I know well because I followed them and I saw a few shows, and I was curious to see the other band that I haven´t heard before.

The night was opened for the Norwegian folk metal band, or as they like they write in their Twitter, the pioneers of the true Norwegian Balkan Metal. Trollfest, as their name indicate was a complete festival of music, fun and craziness. All components of the band appeared on the stage with a hilarious and cute princesses outfits, except the singer, Trollmannen, who appeared with a king´s cape and a balloon crown.

The band offered an incredible and amazing show in which they played songs like: “Kjettanen mot strømmen”, “Steel Sarah”, “Kaptein Kaos”, “Professor Otto”, “Solskinnsmedisin” or “Toxic” (a Britney Spears Cover).


The creative use of LED lights in their outfits and instruments was very well welcomed by the audience who were delighted every minute of the show, dancing, singing, laughing and yelling with them. The band demostrated that, also in Scandinavia, have a very good sense of humour because during their performance the members interacted a lot with the public by talking and throwing balloons and picking them up.

To conclude, Trollfest is a kind of band that you mustn´t lose if you want to have a great time. Since that day, I follow them because they have conquered my heart.

ADVICE: Don´t lose this band, If you have the opportunity to see them!!

Then, It was Turisas turn, who started with an epic Intro and then followed a powerful song “As Torches Rise” to continue with “A Portage to the Unknow”, “To Holmgard and Beyond”, “We Ride Together”, “In The Court of Jarisleif”, “Greek Fire”, “Hunting Pirates”, the popular “Battle Metal” (never can be missed out in the Turisas show), “Five Hundred and One”, and, of course, one of the most anticipated songs of the night, “Rasputin” (a Boney M Cover), in which the audience started mumble the song themselves.

The band offered a great performance which showed the people that they still in the music scene despite of not recording a new album in 6 years.

Turisas didn't have their formed violinist, Olli Vänskä, for family reasons, he takes some time off from the band, as it said on their webpage . For this absence, the band have the colaboration of the Zambian electric-violinist Caitlin De Ville. She was a great bet for this tour as she demostrates that she isn´t only a great violinist but that she can adapt to a different music styles. And not only a replacement for the other member, she has earned her place in the band and did not feel out of place.

The big surprise was when Turisas took a break and when they returned again on the stage and offered an acoustic show with “The March of the Varangian Way” and “For Your Own Good”. Something different that is always welcomed and to a pleasure for the ears listening to another version of these songs.

Turisas never lets the crowd down whether they are for comitted fans or new ones. For me, I miss the songs that I like such as: “Cursed by Iron”, “The Dnieper Rapids”, “Sahti Waari” or “Rex Regi Rebellis”, but I understand that a band couldn´t play always the same, especially in long tours like this.

Waiting for a new Turisas album, so hurry up! 6 years is too long!

After the amazing previous shows, the crowd was perfectly warmed up for the headliner of the evening, Korpiklaani, they followed the Scandinavian party and started with “Neito”, followed by “Juomamaa”, “Korpikuusen”, “Aallon Alla”, “Harmaja”, “Kotikonnut”, “You Look Into my Eyes”...alternating Finnish and English songs.

The members brought a lot of energy on the stage but nothing can compare with the energy that Jesper Anastasiadis, bassist of Turisas, achieve an overwhelming victory on the stage when he appeared to sing “Beer Beer”, a great and funny moment for all of us.

The climax arised when the band played their most famous song “Vodka”, the crowd became crazy and started to singing and dancing.

It amezing seeing that every member was moving around on the stage with smiles on their faces. There really is no better experience that watching a fantastic band enjoy what they're doing, so it was a pity that you couldn´t listen well to the singer for technical problems, that sometimes made inaudible the voice of Jonne Järvelä.

After all, Korpiklaani was an absolute successful evening which began with a party atmosphere and ended the same way.

Words and Pix - Maria Jose Hernandez

Thanks to Jess at The Noise Cartel and Heidi at Century Media for making this possible.