They Might Be Giants
Cambridge Junction, 3.2.16

They might be raucous, they might be gentle but there is no doubt They Might Be Giants are on stage when the audience is laughing as they bop.

The musical jokes and surreal banter ensure the 30yr old band seem as fresh as ever and likely to go on for another triple decade: they hope to have their own entertainment complex complete with centrifugal audience spinning gallery that rotates around the band.


An evening with TMBG proves that anything is possible...or should at least be tried. Bring on the woodwind or play a cover of “Bills Bills Bills” (Destiny's Child) and it all works. Great rock and rollers at heart, TMBG could so easily have gone all prog-rock; the new track from their Glean album “Trouble, Awful, Devil, Evil” explores depths they knew they had.

The old favourites were stomped out to warm the audience as well as the band members who were still shivering from their cold dressing room. John commanded centre stage with his keyboard while John cavorted around the whole area with his guitar. (I don't think John would mind me saying “cavorted”... but John might object.)

Edinburgh 2013 we managed to get a souvenir running order and drumstick at the end of their show. At the Cambridge Junction I wasn't so lucky but the joy of the show will last as long as the wood & paper from back then. Are TMBG the antithesis or the antidote? They're both!


Thanks to James at Sonic PR for sorting things out