The Mutiny - Sunday Driver

If you have ever had the opportunity to experience the theatrical set of Sunday Driver, than you will welcome their forth coming CD. The eccentricity of the dramatic designs on the CD cover illustrates the songs perfectly. A fusion of Anglo - Asian sounds breathing life into mysterious tales set within the tone and style of a Victorian circus. I love listening to stories, which I think is why I find Sunday Driver so appealing. Each song indulges heroes and villains, superstitions and beliefs: imaginative lyrics complimenting the delicate and softly played array of instruments.

My favourite song was the introductory ‘Circus‘, whereby you are invited ‘for the time of your life’ and so get ready to join the ride. But then I quite liked all the tunes. An album that’s full of contagious melodies. A band that have much visual appeal live and are able, for me, to recreate this in The Mutiny.

L Mansbridge

Released on 20th April.