Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth
( Varese Vintage / Colosseum Music)

Clocking in at a brisk 36 minutes and coming on like an animalistic / anything-goes, three-way showdown between Aerosmith, New York Dolls and The Rolling Stones. This no-nonsense, foot-stomping record never lets up and is chock-full with thousand-miles-per-hour, loose-limbed balls of energy. Raw songs which are dispatched like dynamite and delve into the annals of time with driving fervour – channelling the pure spirit of good-time ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll, punk, boogie-woogie and honky-tonk blues.

As a frontman, Steve proves himself to be more than capable of holding his own, delivering straight-talking and redemptive lyrics “reflecting two decades of life and excess in New York City” – all of which have stand-up-and-be-counted attitude! Vocally, Conte has a wild child, throaty and meaty voice, that seems both fired-up and loosened on multiple bottles of Jack Daniel’s and could break free from the trio’s music at any moment! Bolstered by an armada of pinball riffs, growling bass, malevolent drums, masterful fretwork and stare-you-out guitar solos, that all work seamlessly together in the pursuit of whipping up a veritable musical storm.

World-renowned producer Steve Lillywhite raved: “There is very little genuine rock and roll out there at the moment – but Steve Conte has hit the nail on the head with this one!” Sounding instantly familiar (This Is The End, Gypsy Cab, The Goods Are Odd), yet at the same time undeniably fresh (Texas T, Busload Of Hope, Indie Girl), Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth’s musical mettle will jive and worm its way into your heart, mind, body and soul! And if you need any further convincing, why not take up Steve’s invitation to “rock and roll like the Marquis de Sade.”

Steve Bateman
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