Soundwire – Soundwire

OK, so I am snowed under with my new work and my new life, settling back into Swansea. Plus we are on the cusp of releasing two DIY indie pop punk classic records, and organising the accompanying gigs. Not to mention trying to look after the exploits of the young bands I work with, recording and mixing their tracks and sorting their shows. Plus the new Richey Manic book to read, think about and review. And trying to get a decent turn out of anti racist football fans on the Stand Up to Racism demo on UN anti racism day. Shit, I haven't even got time to write in proper sentences.

And certainly not time to write any reviews. OK?


Apart from when I hear a debut album as arresting, ear catching and beautiful as this, I want to tell the world about it.

What originally drew me to Soundwire were that they so reminded me of New Zealand's The Chills. The wistful vocals sit on top of a magical blend of Kaleidoscope pop, conjuring up lost summers, lonely longings and hidden bays. South Wales rather than South Island. On closer listen, there's far much more to love. The Jesus and Mary Chain poise and drawl, the My Bloody Valentine sonic sweeps and the Ride realisation of the centrality of a flowing melody. And then there's the constantly urgent, pulsing staccato snare and the and the occasional jagged, scuzzy guitar lines to keep it firmly the right side of any dull, introspective shoegaze nonsense.


While Slowdive might not really have been “worse than Hitler”, Soundwire are certainly ones to mercilessly, addictively but oh so gently, invade your musical heart. An all conquering, swirling mix of psychedelic pop, cascading, ethereal guitars and a hint of dirty bluesy punk, driven remorselessly on by a remorseless electronic pulse, to leave you swooning.

How can I complain about being busy when there's music like this to uplift and inspire?

The album is launched at The Bunk House in Swansea on March 8th. I can't wait, and would love to arrange for them to play one day with Cambridge's Lemondaze.

In the meantime, I'll be listening to this. Again and again.

Totally soundwired? Maybe. A Heavenly Pop Hit to cheer up a wet February afternoon in Swansea? Most definitely!

I could go on some more but I have to return to mundanity. Have a listen for yourself. Get carried away. Let Soundwire burn deep...

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

Listen to and buy the album here