The Sound Of Pop Art
England In June Productions
Cat No CD10101

An album which condenses everything about the summer into a dozen beautifully realised and superbly evocative songs that combine all that's good about proper pop music. Managing to be simultaneously retro and contemporary, these timeless slices of sunshine originate from the pen of guitarist Chris Free, a writer with an uncanny knack for killer hooks, insidious lyrics and superb choruses.

Free, together with Tony Jenkins (vocals, drums), Michael Cole (bass) and Andrew O'Hanrahan (keyboards, drum) have created a minor masterpiece that is best summed up by 'Summer Feelin'', which should be compulsorily included on any and every Sound of Summer-style compilation.

There's something quintessentially English about such perfectly formed songs as 'Shopping Centre, Saturday Afternoon', 'High Street Girl' and 'Let's Make Love In London' and there's a whimsy redolent of Syd Barrett and Television Personalities in gentler numbers such as 'Visions of You' and 'Until Forever', which perfectly and precisely stay on the right side of twee.

Dave Haslam in R2 Magazine

The Sound of Pop Art was partly recorded in R*E*P*E*A*T's Big Badger Music Shack - details here