Do you like your music low down and dirty? Balls out and in the gutter maybe? Punk with a little bit of Glam? A Saturday night of drinking, fighting and shagging committed to vinyl (and CD)? Well brother, have I got a band for you.

The SICK LIVERS hail from Rumney Rock City, but spiritually come from New York and Detroit at the times of MC5, New York Dolls and Iggy & the Stooges. Renowned for their hell raising live shows, in part due to their irrepressible frontsman Ginger Knievel, this gutter level rock 'n' roll outfit is completed by the dual sleazy guitars of VJ and DJ, the pounding floor toms of Matty and the dirty bass groove of Dai. They released a couple of EPs and a debut long player; if anything could sum up the band it's the title of their debut release "Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing". Well, after a short break to give their vital organs a chance to recuperate, they are back with their sophomore effort "Mid Liver Crisis".

I thinks it's safe to say that the bands sound hasn't changed in the interim and realistically it never will. From the Full Metal Jacket/ Rifleman's Creed opening of "This is My Denim" (supplied by Andy Cairns of Therapy?) to the closing salvo of "Sorry, Thank You, Fuck You", they are not looking to take any prisoners. This is an all-out aural assault of the very best kind. Guitars up to eleven, thunderous bass and machine-gun drumming all lay down a backdrop for Knievel's unique vocal style that could shatter glass at a 100 yards. No more so than on lead track "Dark, Dangerous & Delicious", which punk legend Charlie Harper of the UK Subs declared "the best song Hanoi Rocks never wrote!".

Song topics never deviate far from drink ("One Man Stag Do", "I Wanna Be A Jager Girl") and women ("I Need a Nurse", "You Make Me Wet", "Out with the Dogs") . So if you've come looking for political correctness and a dissertation on Plath and Pinter, then you've probably come to the wrong place. But isn't that what all good rock'n'roll should be... loud, proud and never conforming to anybody else's perceived guidelines.

They are the sound of Elvis Presley fronting a house band of Guns 'n' Roses, Backyard Babies and The Clash combined. So check 'em out before they roll straight over you!