Concorde 2, Brighton 24.10.19

“Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions and hi-rise guitar sculptures, maybe one day all music will sound this good”

This is how the support act for this evening describe themselves. An all-female quartet from London, Bugeye obviously aren’t short of confidence and are also clearly having the time of their lives during their short but effective set. Citing influences from Hendrix to Debbie Harry and even Kate Bush, they exude an indie-kid glamour and synth-infused swagger that is much appreciated by the crowd that is here to see them. They get a photo before leaving the stage, a memento of a show that they will no doubt pinch themselves about for a little while. They are playing a few more dates in smaller venues towards the end of the year and it’s advisable to catch them while you can.

She Drew The Gun, AKA Scouser Louisa Roach, is destined for a bigger venue too. Admired by the somewhat pretentious hype machine of Radio 6 - and therefore occasionally reviewed using middle-class words like ‘nuance’ - this is, regardless, not without foundation as the five band members are instantly mesmerising and so cool they are a little intimidating when they wander onto the stage. Offset by a political backdrop, the reaction they receive suggests that they are what a rather disillusioned listening public have been waiting for.

Pigeon-holed as psych-pop, but in fact spanning genres and decades, their performance features great variety, from vast amounts of spoken word to the country of ‘Where I End and You Begin’ (which Louisa dedicates to herself) and an unexpected cover of ‘Sweet Harmony’ by Beloved. More often than not though, through material from 2016’s ‘Memories of the Future’ and the follow-up recent release ‘Revolution of the Mind’, Roach explores themes of resisting, and questioning, well, everything and anything, in a melodic and very British guitar-band way. Though not really reinventing the wheel, the down-to-Earth charisma and eloquent, honest style of songwriting showcased tonight is what gigs in Brighton are made of, speaking out across generations, which will ensure that wherever SDTG play next they/she will get an equally as excitable response. God knows – we all need a bit of excitement at the moment.

Sorry it has taken so long to write this review. My four-month-old baby has gone mad!

Anna C

Thanks to the ever incredible Caffy for helping sort this out.