SHATTERED DREAMS – Lessons Through Living EP

I reviewed a Demo by this band last year and matters have progressed nicely in that they now have out a bon fide EP. Hailing from Oxford, Shattered Dreams describe themselves as pop-punk with a rocky edge, and consist of a line up of Steph Branch – Vocals, James Macke - Lead Guitar, Matt Parsloe - Rhythm Guitar, Matt Oliver - Bass Guitar and James Coulson – Drums.

I must admit first track “Unparalleled” certainly is a good start. The vocals of Steph immediately remind me of Poly Styrene of X Ray Spex, or maybe Pauline Murray of Penetration. A thumping drum sound and quirky off beat timing adds to the mix and this for me is the catchiest track on the record.

Next track, “Round and Round” starts off with a semi-Ramones intro, but then the Offspring style guitars metamorphose into a jerkier sounding middle section. Again the drums are to the fore and I’m sure this will become a stalwart of their live set.

“Live and Learn” is a slower tempo and I would expect that when they play Wembley will results in a sea of lighters being held aloft. It’s nice to see a band have a bit of light and shade in the repertoire and gives the audience time to gather breadth before the rip roaring finale that is “Song 109”. Big drums, big guitars, big vocals rounds off the EP in style.

Let’s hope the next time I get anything to review they will be signed to a major and you too can do your part by visiting Amazon or their Myspace and purchasing the EP for the princely sum of £4.