Rocket To Romsey
24 track compilation CD
R*E*P*E*A*T Records
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24 tracks from mainly the Cambridge area by 13 acts with 2 pieces by each (with the exception of two acts who have one) are presented here with the slogan "love music hate racism". Beverley Kills kick things off on CD1 in a spritely punk fashion & it's a fine start with their likeable "amateurish" sound. Dirty Cousins continues the vibe. DoNotResuscitate follow with a fine thrilling urgent electro punk sound via 'Malediction'. Four Undercover Kings are no fun on 'Fun' as they stumble & fall from the Sex Pistols art of songwriting. The Great Mistakes do a much softer number 'Lies' that reminds of 60s Nirvana. Track 6 is Johnny Panic's 'My Imperial Hell' majestic & beautiful with a quiet energy - the most underrated band about & the highlight of this release. Rats As Big As Dogs takes things back into mayhem via strained urgent vocals. 'Come With Me' by The Scissors as punk collides with 50s rock with some nice bits. Spaghetti Faction provide a spoken rant over a Spanish backdrop, Volunteers give us metal punk & We Are Godzilla do excellent shout alternative rock - each knocking out their respective styles. Ten City Nation provides a hypnotic gentle rolling 'Golden Rays'. Miss Black America kicks off CD2 with their beautiful 'Beautiful Velocity' & is another highlight. We Are Godzilla with some interesting ideas splashed with passion & melody. Volunteers do a short thrash punk 'Hippy Fascist'. A spoken alternative poetry piece is delivered by Spaghetti Faction.

The Scissors strangle their guitarist for his/hers sharp thrill riff. 18th track as Rats As Big As Dogs deliver a hard frantic piece with the strained distance vocals coming from a scene of desolation. 'Waiting' another fine effort by Johnny Panic "I was just sitting here alone waiting on a call". Track 20 'Pit Of Anger' by The Great Mistakes reminds of Grammatics (a band who got shipwrecked in 2009) and perhaps the 3rd best piece here. Four Undercover Kings & DoNotResuscitate provide their respective 2nd offerings. Track 23 Dirty Cousins 'Through The Trees' is another good one & reminds of Aussies Total Control. Ends as it began with the strained female vocals of Beverley Kills. The track that shines is Johnny Panic's 'My Imperial Hell' and is above the rest not because the others are poor but because it is so good, then there is Miss Black America's 'Beautiful Velocity'. So with at least these two brilliant outings within then this release is already worth the price of admission.

Ron Cooper

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