Johnny Panic - Ritual Riots

Another brilliant effort from this underrated band that have a great singer, words & melodic appeal but whom very few seem to know about. Begins with a nice punchy opening in 'The New 45' which tends to grow & this powerful feel continues via 'The Junk Man' "in a poverty of dreams you will be mine"; 'It Ends Here' with a slightly Hard-Fi slant; 'Our Town' as the strong beat charges along in combination with some creative guitar moments; then 5th 'Stop Kicking' which is probably the best so far via a fine sound reminding of when Hard-Fi were good & some poignant lyrics about the facebook generation.

'This City' is another blistering effort with guitar fireworks, followed by the beautiful epic ballad 'Everything Will Change' with Rob's emotional singing plus Matt's guitar swells generating plenty of feeling. This is followed by the punk powerhouse 'Alright/All Right' with then 'Calling Me' keeping the high going via more beauty, hard chords & strong words. Next 'The Change Won't Come', then can't believe how good this is "I was here 10 years ago when none of this was art", as this splendid track unfolds. Next 'Too Far Gone' (punk), 'World Around You' (pretty piece), 'To The End' (back to rousing punk rock), then a hidden 14th track, which is a gentle outing probably called 'Sing Back', completing this beautiful, natural & uncontrived vibe. It's also on an independent & great label called Repeat.

Ron Cooper, Zabadak

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