A Riot of our Own
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T hears some tunes floating acoss the sun dappled garden. Perhaps...

Lily Allen : 22(Regal)

Another summer and another alluring Lily Allen tune floating across the sun dappled garden. Well this maybe a bit optimistic and I may have preferred her stance when she was delivering a musical Fuck You to the BNP (see below), the lyrics here are still intelligent and well crafted, dealing the pressure on women as they approach 30 to settle down with 'proper' jobs and 'proper' relationships:

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
Til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up

And the instrumental version on the B side, while its selection may perhaps demonstrate a lack of imagination, also proves that the tune more than stands up for itself too. Just like Ms Allen.


Little Alice :Oh! CD!
“OMG it's Little Alice” begins the press release, before telling us that said band “are a four piece female-fronted band from the small Cheshire town, Congleton... Their influences range from The Subways to Be Your Own Pet to Bikini Kill... their interests include interior design, Johnny Depp, the beautiful Hungarian folk music of Bela Bartok, MC Escher, Ultimate Frisbee, Visual Kei, The Legend of Nosferatu, Racquetball and Timeshare package holidays”

How can such a CV fail to please?

Little Alice produce taut, snotty new waves ditties. Their performance is strong and the singer is particularly confident and striking in her delivery, somehow personable and confrontational at the same time. And despite the wackiness of the press release, the songs themselves are too confrontational to be cute – for instance in 'Sex Cells' they instruct us to “do what you want and fuck the rest!”

Lots of potential here for an exciting kick up the arse of complacent indie rock by numbers.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Heads Will Roll (Polydor)
Yeah yeah yeah, I know this came out months ago, but it sits so well with Little Alice who might easily grow into becoming what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were a year or so back. Of course this single, part of the 'It's Blitz' reinvention of the band, relies as much on looped keyboard patterns and spooky sonic spaces as on pure guitar attack, but it's still very definitely the same band producing what sounds like a sinister soundtrack to a scary b-movie. Watch out it doesn't dupe, seduce then execute you.

Override Fanzine #2 (“Punk, rock, tattoos, life”) £1 from overridefanzine@googlemail.com or myspace.com/overridefanzine

Oh what a pleasure it it to read a new, punky, spunky printed paper zine packed with attitude, no nonsense reviews and loads of enthusiasm. The writers brim with honesty and there's some great agit-prop art courtesy of Kieran Plunkett of the Restarts. Along with some honest and informative reviews (no Lily Allen slobber here) there' pieces on Black President, The Rabble, the 241ers and our very own Anti-Social Burn-Outs (amongst others), as well as a thoughtful retrospective on Towers of London and a rather overwhelming tattoo obsession. We need more of zines like Override making a riot of their own.

Now I'm gonna ask if we can reprint their Towers of London and ASBO pieces on this website.

Dumb/sulk Trigg-er issues 1-4 http://sharkbatter.ning.com
What to do with some of the older back issues of R*E*P*E*A*T is a question I often ask myself, usually just before receiving a massive order from Finland or a request to stock the Brighton zine Fest almost single-handedly which persuades me to keep them all just a bit longer. Dumb/sulk Trigg-er got over this dilemma by ripping up their early issues and recompiling them as a 'best of' which is now available for 'adults only'. For in its time (1995-97), as well as 'talking shit' with the likes of Prolapse,. Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Space Kittens, Sonic Youth and The Yummy Fur, Dumb/sulk Trigg-er also did a lot of talking dirty with the likes of Traci Lords and Lisa Carver, whose masturbation methods and fantasies are revealed. One of the most interesting bits of the zine for me is the letters page where editor Roger defends his decision to run a 'Sex Issue' and seeks to illuminate where he sees the boundary between cheap top shelf porn (which his reader was concerned the zine was becoming) and genuine explorations of human sexuality, a subject so often suppressed by society but which the zine wanted to explore.

The letter from Andy of Agebaby also made me laugh.

So yes this is a serious zine, full of things to make you think and reminisce and maybe explore some long forgotten gem of the 90s (who were Prolapse again?). And did you know that editor Roger went on to be in Dawn of the Replicants?

The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart : 'Come Saturday'


Talk about nostalgia?! Not that I want to name drop, but this lot were in Seattle the same time as me, and their interviews in which they talked about their veneration of various obscure C86 bands in various local magazines kept me amused in my several journeys around the area. But none of which prepared me for how retro they'd sound – how the vocals would have the melancholy tug of Strawberry Wine era My Bloody Valentine, how the guitars would have the irresistible energy of the Soup Dragons and the drums the punch of the Rosehips, all drizzled in Razorcuts dreamy organeering. So on first playing this track I was instantly smitten with its energy, its bitter sweet lyrics and its guileless hook.

Two weeks back in this country and I still feel the same, though I do have to wonder if people will still be discussing it in Seattle mags in 23 years time? And with the world in the mess that it's in, do we really have time for all this fucking tweeness all over again?

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T