ReVerbed ~ Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster December 09

I first saw ReVerbed about six months ago. They where an interesting band with a strong local following. Since then they have signed to a small DIY label, made their debut mini album, Playtime, got some badges and tshirts made and grown up a lot.

Tonight at the Keepmoat stadium they pack the room and play a really tight set of strong pop punk songs. They are different in so many ways. They managed to get me to travel from Sheffield to Doncaster.

Their line up is "Boy. Girl. Boy. Girl." and they bring a refreshing approach to a jaded scene. They start at full tilt and keep going. The vocals intertwining between boy and girl. Their set tonight consist of Twelve home-made Ppunk Pop songs which show an amazing maturity. They remind me of an early Pixies.

The sound swirls around propelled by rockin Guitar riff's and underlined by pounding bass and drums. The whole is topped of with great vocals and astute lyrics, with catchy, catchy melodies.
Hurricane and Scream are firm favorites with the crowd but Not Alone is also stunning. The show ends with a mass of feedback from George, the male Vocalist/guitarist, as Zoe, the female Vocalist/ guitarist, announces that "this will be the band's last gig until next year, as we have to record the new album and do our A levels."

Now I know what the great John Peel felt like, when he listened to the Undertones for the first time. Can the future of rock be alive and living in Doncaster (?)