Red Rum Club
The Moon, Cardiff

Red Rum Club present their new album “Matador” in Cardiff.

The sextet, from Liverpool, Red Rum Club presented their acclaimed new album "Matador" and they have already picked up supporters: The Caspiens and The Now, both from Wales. The release party at The Moon in Cardiff took place on 14th March.

The night was opened for The Caspiens that provides a short but fresh show with flavored music of American blues, soul and rock. This young band offered an amazing and talented performance that was welcomed by the audience. You have to keep and eye on them!!

Then, it was the turn of The Now, a newly formed four piece band who offered a highly infectious and cool show with their indie alternative rock. The frotman Shane Callaghan conquered the people with his energetic and charismatic voice. You need to be heard their music because is a punch to the heards!

Finally, the most awaited band appeared on stage, the six-piece Red Rum Club who provided a strong, colourful and soulful performance in which they presented their new album "Matador", which encapsulates their own particular sound, mixing traditional indie with spaghetti western style and mariachi rock'n'roll. All this combination makes their sound unexpected and catchy.

During the show, the band played songs including Angelina, Would you Rather be Lonely?, Calexico and Matador. That, in all moment, was made a delightful for all people presents there.

The boys, Fran Doran, Tom Williams, Michael McDermott, Simon Hepworth, Neil Lawson and Joe Corby showed that hard work, technical ability and a strong work ethic can give great results and make the audience vibrate with your music.

Red Rum Club didn´t let the crowd of The Moon down.

Maria Jose Hernandez