Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace on earth and goodwill to all men. But what happens when your ex turns up to visit the kids? Well punk rock ukulele band THE PUKES have imagined the repercussions in their festive single "EXMAS".

Having first started in 2011 at their local pub the band ended up in demand and playing festivals like Rebellion, as well as gigging with the likes of such punk stalwarts as UK Subs, Chelsea, Menace and Subhumans. Not only that they found time to record their debut long player "Too Drunk to Pluck".

Whilst originally predominantly female, it seems like some men have entered the fold with the present line up consisting of Andrea, Chris, Cil, Clara, Debs, Dee Dee, Esme, Gareth, Jenny, Kate, Laura, Lindsay, Lorna, Paul, Ria, Sachiko and Saul.

And so they set the scene of this modern day nightmare:

Him and his beer belly 
Sat in front of my telly 
Hogging the remote control
Snoring through Home Alone 
Eating all my mince pies 
It’s just like old times 
He’s drunk and the kids are bored 
I remember why we got divorced


I think we've all had similar experiences (if only with the rogue grandfather or wayward brother in law). The Pukes set this tale of modern day Broken Britain to a foot tapping ukulele backdrop and a repetitive, but damn catchy, chorus.

Will it ever rival Slade's perennial festive offering? Who knows, who cares! Just sit back, put your feet up, open the cider and have yourself a punk rock Christmas.