Prisoner of Mars
‘A Night Out In The Wrong Shoes’

Whereas his last album ‘Lavender Larceny’ was a trawl through the underbelly of garage-rock, the Prisoner of Mars’ new album ‘A Night Out In The Wrong Shoes’ is an altogether more candy-striped and brightly-lit experience, a retro-phonic theme-park of his own device.



The unexpectedly jazzy opener ‘First Song On My New Album’ is the taxi drop into the centre of all the commotion (despite the chorus protest of “I’m waiting for you to take me home, I’ve run out of money and there’s nowhere else to go”) with funky bass, keyboards and harmony vocals ushering the listener along to the main rides, probably flanked by Pans People.

‘Dimension Man’ plays like an electro-pop funhouse mirror right down to it’s staccato vocals and thematic pre-occupation with disproportion while the epic musical arrangements of ‘All Your Sisters’ and ‘Thief’ soar and dip in a way requires a seat-belt to be worn at all times.

The real gem on this album is an all-too-brief foray into the nightclub with ‘You Can Dance If You Want To’ which lays down an groove that sparkles, even more so when juxtaposed against it’s hilariously disengaged lyric “you can dance if you want to/ I’ll just stand over here”. It’s the climactic event in a record that revels so much in seventies-era sonic stylings that it may as well do so in stack heels. Certainly not the wrong shoes…

Due for release 1.1.15 but available for pre order soon...