PAUL WELLER- The attic

Mr Weller needs no introduction. He has been around for donkeys. We all know who he is, whether we want to or not. 'The Attic' is the third single from his Number 1 album 'Sonik kicks' and he's just done a sell-out run of shows in New York and the like. So this should be really good, right? Well, it's quite surprising. I like Paul Weller for the melancholy 'Wild Wood' and 'Stanley Road'. And, of course, The Jam. Sadly, there's no denying that this is really quite disappointing in comparison and these comparisons remain inevitable. Probably because the tune is playful, it is clear that the one thing that Weller can't do is playful. Soulful we're used to but playful just doesn't work. Short at just over two minutes, there is not much to remember about the track apart from this- it's a bit motown.

The B-side 'The Piper' is more interesting. With a subtle Northern Soul swagger and some vintage keys, Weller's distinctive gravely vocal is showcased better here, alongside the experimental instrumental track 'Sleep of the serene', full of strings and odd sounds and like a Beatles remix by Sigur Ros. That said, I still wouldn't associate any of these with someone of his reputation. To be short, I expected better from someone as revered and it makes me want to point and laugh at the old man in the suit, despite his cool hair. Still, that won't do him any harm.

Anna C