Red Stripe Fuelled Madness:
Motel Thieves hit the Bunkhouse,
plus support from
French Alps Tiger, String Theory and The Rotanas
July 12th 2019.

7 months as a band, 6000 hits on a debut single and a sold out show on the Kingsway’s finest venue. This is Motel Thieves -one of the most exciting bands to emerge in the last year.

Walking up to the Bunkhouse, I could already tell it was going to be a good night, so many people hanging outside I thought It was the queue to get in . As it happens that was just the smoking area. I’d only seen the half of it. Inside the bar was wall to wall with gig goers of every variety from pit fiends to indie adolescents, all familiar faces of the local scene out in full force for some homegrown hit makers.

For support acts, they couldn't have made a better selection. It was like an arsenal of next big things bred from the same places as the crowd. French Alps Tiger delivered a hell of an introduction with a Bass Drum Of Death type sound, String Theory brought their usual blend of hard hitting rock paired with indie angst, but for the final stretch on the runway to the Thieves you couldn't have had better than The Rotanas. The four piece gritpop powerhouse took it up a notch. With a perfect amount of stage swagger paired with massive energy they led the transition from head nodding to pits with the catchiest tunes in the West (Glamorgan). Armed with tambourine in hand, frontman Harry Watton conducted the crowd into a frenzy. The pins were all there for the Thieves to knock down, the crowd were sweaty, and thirsty for more indie bangers. Here comes Motel Thieves.

They wasted no time before throwing the energy at you. in the first few chords things felt electric. People bounced and moved to the songs, every track more enjoyable than the last. On stage the band of seven months seemed at home. Watching them felt like a true experience. As the audience moved to the energetic sound explosion, the band members stayed in a cool groove; It was the indie equivalent of walking from an explosion without turning back.

A set expertly crafted the pacing ebbed and flowed for maximum punch when required. An acoustic rendition of band original ‘Future Is Now’ set up a more intimate feel for the remainder of the gig. Suddenly everyone had time to really sit back and enjoy the night for what it is- A close knit gig community coming together for the passion of music; I don't think that feeling ever shifted for a moment after that point. Gradually the pace began to shoot up again. A cover of Boys Don't Cry was rocket fuel for the atmosphere. Adrenaline was pumping and people were asking the question, ‘When are we going to get to hear Stitches?’. Well it turned out not for long. The music halts and enter the stage two costumed hype men. I’d never seen a single introduced by God and a banana man before, but after that show, I don't know how else you could introduce a song. Stitches kicks off and the crowd go wild for it. It’s got this surfy carefree attitude that the indie of the era is all about, you can dance, you can mosh, you can just nod your head. It's all appropriate. Here is a song that will hold your ears with the shear amount of swagger it packs. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Motel Thieves yet then i absolutely recommend you check out Stitches on any streaming service you can. With its light surf vibe, it slots into your summer playlists like it was born to be there. In my opinion it sums up their feel and ethos expertly, everything an introduction should be. 10/10 for execution on the recorded debut.


Following the show I had a chance to chat to the lads about how they felt the gig went, how they approach a gig and their plans for the foreseeable future. Read the interview here.

Dom Waters
Pix by Rosey - more here and here