The genre of Melodrama overemphasises emotion but often in an apparently one-dimensional way. Which explains a something as to why the word has been used to name this band of all bands. Whilst they definitely know their way around a pop song, best shown on opening track ‘Albert Rd’, Melodrama, the band, is the sort of catchy and inoffensive act that has just been too associated with UK guitar-based music of late (Libertines, Ordinary Boys, blah, blah… zzzzzz). Slightly rough around the edges- a saving grace to what would otherwise be a pleasant but bland romp through the best of British- they claim to take indie-pop round the back of the bike shed in the cheekiest way, flicking through the porn mags and taking long drags on a cigarette. However, the cherubic backing vocals and rather naïve lyrics about what it is to be working class, when I suspect they have little idea, betray them as far less rebellious. I am sure they will have their fame for five minutes but, long-term, their happy ending is probably going to be short-lived.

Released 30th March, 2009

Anna C