Mallory Knox,
Cambridge Junction - 16.08.19

It’s been an uphill battle for Mallory Knox the past two years, having lost lead singer Mikey Chapman and promoting bass player Sam Douglas to fill his shoes, followed by minimal touring or musical output. It was unclear if they were going to make it through to other side. But against all
odds, they returned to The Junction to celebrate the release of their long awaited new album.

Unfortunately, practically disappearing for two years hasn’t done the band any favours. Having previously sold out The Junction and getting very close to doing the same at the Corn Exchange in recent years, a slightly less than full room was a sad sight to see. Nevertheless, Mallory Knox came out and gave their loyal fans a show deserving of their patience and support through a long and hard two years.

Local supports Endeavour open the show bringing catchy hooks and big choruses to warm up the crowd, followed by Dead Reynolds who up the ante with hard hitting riffs and sing alongs.

Playing for just over an hour, the Cambridge-rockers gave fans a set that would celebrate not just the new album but also favourites from previous albums. Older songs have been tuned down lower to suit Sam’s voice; he’s not the vocalist Mikey was but the songs still pack a punch despite not being wholly faithful to their studio recordings. In previous shows Sam was always the most entertaining member of the band to watch as he bounced around then stage but now the restraint of having to stay close to his mic has certainly put a dampener on the energy of their show.

Despite this, the audience more than made up for this by singing back every word and showing the band just how loved they are in their home town. New songs go down a treat with the crowd despite the unexpected change in sound brought about by the new album, and although they don’t pack the biggest punch of the night, they were certainly made with being played live in mind rather than simply existing on record.


Throughout the show, they don’t shy away from telling the crowd just how hard they’ve had it the past few years and that it was struggle to even get the album out at all. What was pleasing to hear was that despite the best efforts of their management to have the release show in London, they stuck to their guns and brought the party to their hometown to celebrate with the people who first gave them a stage to play on.

There was once a time when each gig you would see Mallory Knox at would feel bigger and more momentous than the last, a celebration of the band’s ever growing success. This show however, despite being an album release party, felt more of a survival story. They’ve been battered and bruised and they’re not as strong as they once were, but they’re not giving up yet. Mallory Knox
are back and they’re not going to give up easily.

Ryan Bird

Thanks to Jenny Entwistle and Sarah Maynard of Chuff Media for arranging to press tickets.