Loud Women Vol.1 (Loud Women Records)

Rock music would appear to be in a right mess at the moment if you were to look no further than the constitution of this country’s stock media. Insipid to its core when filtered through the brain-colon of the standard Mercury-nominated tosh, you might be wondering where the danger went in rock n’ roll, the fire, the fuck–offness.

If you’re a true believer you have to dig a little deeper to get to the treasure. That’s hardly news, but it’s not often that someone does the work for you and releases a lovely compilation that captures that essence rare. London-based organisation Loud Women have done just that with their self-titled first volume of exciting rock n’ roll from the underground of the UK music scene, proving it to be far more rewarding than the scorched-earth ground floor.

It's all here. There’s confrontation and dissonance from Petrol Girls’ ‘Touch Me Again’ (the title refrain followed by “.. and I’ll fucking kill you”), air-guitar-instigation from Dolls with ‘Audrey’, engine-revving vibes with I-Destroy’s eponymous trasher, and funny and observational alternative rock of Wimmins Institute ‘Nando’s’ (“Going on a date with my man Orlando/ Maybe he’ll take me to the isle of Fernando/ But hey what a treat, we’re going to Nando’s…Textbook!”).


Not left wanting at the end of the CD’s 21 tracks, it's an achievement amongst compilations in not leaving the listener feeling bloated in the ear-canals. That's because there's no padding here, every track is a winner. In fact you will leave feeling awesome, safe in the knowledge that all profit from this excellent comp goes to Women’s Aid, a charity working to end violence against women and children. The bar is set high for Volume Two!

Loud Women Volume One is out 18th March 2017 – pre-order for £10 at https://loudwomen.org/loud-women-records/