THE LOUD- The Loud EP.

Swaggering in all the way from Liverpool, The Loud are, indeed, wonderfully noisy. Combining the unguarded passion of the 60’s garage rock scene with the sort of arrogance so famed by Northern indie rockers in recent years creates in the trio’s debut EP something very convincing for what is a pretty simple sound. “Shout at everyone who can hear ya”, frontman Pennington Lee confidently proclaims from the off in ‘A little taste of home’, proclaiming the start of something quite significant, a potential anthem for the forgotten modern generation but something that followers of a certain scene will also wholeheartedly admire. A reaction to Britain’s current state perhaps, a primal scream and uncomfortable tension screaming their existence, the artwork featuring a gritty light at the end of the tunnel to further the point.

An exciting sound continues throughout an all-too-brief release- driving beats, crunching guitars and slightly sloppy vocals generally bringing to mind obvious influences like The Sonics on an upbeat ‘Iamawar’ and recent Kasabian or the power behind Richard Ashcroft’s shoulder beating antics in the ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ video elsewhere. Extremely but maybe not obviously styled yet completely human, loud is what good rock and roll should be and The Loud are therefore definitely a band to be talking about. Absolutely spot on in my book.

Anna C