R*E*P*E*A*T presents: ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ EP
Reviewed on the Loudhorizon website

So – here’s the deal: I’m Scottish and very proud of my genetically modified short arms and long pockets. But even I would willingly shell out more than the paltry £2.50 being asked for this superb compilation.

This nineteen-track CD is being sold as a ’10 way split single’ for the price of an EP, with any profits being donated to the LOVE MUSIC, HATE RACISM cause. It takes the form of two tracks from each of nine bands and one from another who apparently forgot to record a second! All the bands come from the Norwich / Cambridge and London areas and could generically be broadly classed as ‘punk.’

There really isn’t a weak track on the CD, although I do think those from Greg McDonald (www.myspace.com/gregmcdonalduk ) sound a little out of place. His first contribution, ‘A Little Strange’ showcases a kind of punk attitude in his voice and the song rocks along nicely…. but seems a little too ‘conventional’ compared to most of the other tracks. Certainly, his second song, ‘Reclaim The Night’ is the better of the two, with its anthemic chorus building into a pseudo stadium rocker that then takes on a more punk based rhythm for the closing thirty seconds.

For me, the highlights are the female fronted bands – or at least those that strongly feature female vocals, Micropenis (www.myspace.com/ilovemicropenis ) perhaps being my favourite…. but only just! They are a boy / girl duo, dealing in sleazy, quirky and minimalist punk, with vocalist Louise speaking the vocals and sounding a little like Poly Styrene. Songs with titles such as ‘Secretarial Elite’ and ‘Supermarket Suicide’ timed at one and a half and two half minutes respectively are just bound to catch your attention!

Fever Fever (www.myspace.com/feverfevertheband) are the guilty party with regard to the singular contribution. They seriously compete for the best track on the album (sorry, ‘EP’) with ‘Who Asked You?’ This two girl / one lad combo play a furious blend of scuzzed-up guitar riffs, thrashed drums and yelped, short, sharp vocals. Their most recent release was deemed ‘Single Of The Month’ in Artrocker magazine and they have been building support from all who hear them. (I look forward to seeing them up here in Glasgow shortly.)

Oh shit! Glory Glory (www.myspace.com/glorygloryband1) could also be added to my list of ‘new favourite bands!’ They too follow the boy / girl formula and possibly have potentially a more commercially accessible sound to them. At points they sound to me like Glasgow’s Astral Planes, who for the past two years have been one of my ‘tips’ for greater things. Kunk (www.myspace.com/kunk) have been around for several / many years and now incorporate Hannah Veale on vocals and with her sharing such duties the band at least in the chorus to ‘Attack! Attack!’ remind me of Canadian band YOU SAY PARTY!

And Feedback (www.myspace.com/feedback665): I can’t leave them out. They are not female fronted, but (no offence, lads) sound a little like they are what with them being only 13 / 14 year olds! Like OUTL4W before them, they have so much potential with their more pop-punk brand of music.

Popular Workshop should need little introduction; Hyman Roth have a harder edge about them; The Shills have featured very positively on previous pages of this site – perhaps in its older format and Ten City Nation, whose current single (actually the two tracks on this compilation) are reviewed elsewhere on this site: all these bands have quality tracks on this compilation…… but no female-led vocals as far as I can make out!

This compilation should be obtainable from many independent record shops throughout the UK, but failing that, it can be bought direct from www.repeatfanzine.co.uk for £2.50.

Go get it!