Love Music Hate Racism ep
R*E*P*E*A*T Records

This is being marketed as a “10 way split single” with 10 bands all contributing 2 tracks each (well, except Fever Fever who only sent in one) and it only costing the price of an EP. If you know anything about REPEAT you should know what to expect here. REPEAT specialise is scuzzy, punk-influenced rock and this is no different. Fever Fever sound a lot like Norwich's Violet Violet (angsty, female-fronted rock). Ten City Nation have some ex Miss Black America members in and carry on where MBA left off. Micropenis – in addition to having an awesome name – play lo-fi, grungy electro-tinged rock. Glory Glory play balls out rock with girl vocals. That's some of the stuff on offer here. As compilations go, you could definitely do a lot worse than this. Plus, the proceeds are going to a valuable cause in the form of Love Music Hate Racism. At this price, you'd be pretty stupid to not check it out.


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