LITTLE COMETS- Jennifer and other short stories


Little Comets seem to be very hardworking. Theirs is a name you hear everywhere at the moment. They even played at the Olympic torch relay with Dizzee Rascal. They don't sound like him though. Latest single 'Jennifer' instead is weirdly quite retro, in the same way that Mystery Jets and The Kooks are, even sounding mildly 80's in the vein of The Police or Paul Simon. The reason I say Paul Simon is because 'Jennifer' has a South African feel to it. Melodic and cute, if someone could parcel up a smile, this would be what it sounded like when it was unwrapped, which is also weird considering Robert Coles is singing about a relationship ending. However, the jangly guitars and chorus of backing vocals conjure up a far sunnier mood, complimenting the uncomplicated songwriting perfectly. This is just great pop music. And if you're so inclined you can sing along on the instrumental B-side. Gets my vote for a gold medal. Sigh.

Anna C