Cambridge Corn Exchange Nov 14th


Jelly wrestling with the superego, abandoning the LMHR stall-warts and waiting for the ranks of the unimploded to explode, a black-clad midlifer (with hair!) commented in the urinal:

- Two quid for a piss at a Levellers' gig!

It wasn't. It was the cloakroom "fee".

But this sums up a certain expectation about the big-hearted Brightonian band with a rep for good works as long as the bassist's dreads. Deep pockets and long arms. Strawberry Fair benefits from their largesse, a certain fairie says. (Said fairie was also sad to relate a death in the Leveller's family. Say no more.)

The demi-bald at the back of the auditorium swayed gentilely. Big & bouncy up the front. As per. Those in the VIP area wondered how it was possible to look so cool playing a violin. It's all in the legs, some say.

The faithful were sated. The tour had kicked off in Cambridge. We were special. To be first. Extreme electricity on stage. And despite the pause, Simon The Boatman never got to tell his joke.

What a beautiful day! Movember the 14th!! Spanish general strikers did battle with the cops. Portuguese workers generalised their fightback. A four-hour wage slave-free stoppage by Italian and Greek unions. Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Belgium. Turket, etc. Even the BBC corporate lie machine had to acknowledge... What a beautiful day!

The curtain raisers Citizen Fish would be well happy with discontented workers bouncing up and down to Ska Punk as they overturned burning vehicles to barricade the high street.. Anger management therapy by the masses.

It wasn't two quid for a piss. But it was £10 for a Levellers' hoodie.. replete with ironic bar code... Buying isn't rebelling, but they got big bills to pay if they are to spread anarchy throughout the south Sussex diaspora. Bless 'em.

Bar Code? Bah humbug. Fcuk Xmas. Let's storm the VIP area comrades!....


Words - Magic Phil, The Spaghetti Faction
Pix - Henry Shepherd, more here

Thanks to Michael Eccleshall and Neil Jones for sorting things out for us - beyond the call of duty!