KILLA KELA- Everyday

Formerly known as Lee Potter from Sussex, Killa Kela is considered to be one of the best beatboxers in the world and has appeared onstage with acts as diverse as Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Super Furry Animals, Prince and De La Soul. He was also a one-time member of the Scratch Perverts and used to go out with Patsy Kensit. You might have seen him recently at Bestival or T4 on the Beach, if you are that way inclined. A fan of shamelessly putting it about then, it is hardly surprising that the second single from his forthcoming album, ‘Amplified’ is produced by the man responsible for ‘Music sounds better with you’- the tune that also shamelessly put it about, making shoulders shrug in time up and down the country some time in the late ‘90s (or at least in Cambridge).

‘Everyday’ is no different in its theme- frustratingly iridescent pop in the vein of Calvin Harris or Soulwax, it will make you dance and sing in the most embarrassing fashion if only for the joy of its catchy simplicity, whilst retaining enough credibility for those dressed like they were born in the 80’s to pout to. There are a lot of different remixes available, which all sound quite similar- big beats, bigger beats, you get the idea. And you should, by rights, like them all if you’re as much of a dance whore as Mr Kela. Although the rest of the stuff on his website sounds less chart friendly. Perhaps he can spread himself around to everyone after all then.

Released 21st September 2009

THE FIRE AND I- Dark in the shade

The Fire and I were half of a four-piece. I don’t know what happened to the other half. One half of the new duo is called Hooligan and they have played at T in the Park in their native Scotland. The comparisons to Biffy Clyro will, therefore, be obvious but not without reason. Along with the gruff Scots accent (and red hair), they also favour the multi-dynamic, sometimes mathy approach to all-out energetic rock, this time, however, with a healthy helping of Death From Above (for the inevitable booming basslines of any two-man outfit) and the unwelcome sometimes shouty vocals of the Kaiser Chiefs, the latter ensuring that there is nothing too complicated about them to detract from their rock and roll mission. Just don’t let the image put you off listening to them. They may well be sporting guyliner and holding some kind of meat in their artwork, whilst pulling up their boxers over their waistline with the other hand (which, I’m afraid, I still feel makes any man look like a twat) but their music isn’t quite as clichéd as first impressions may suggest.

Released 27th August, 2009.

Anna C