'Fear Of A Black Kennett'

Repeat Records MBRR113 (CD) (69m49s) 2003
Review from Zabadak

A wonderful 21 tracks here (17 acts) to both enjoy & also to raise money against racism (for the Anti Nazi League) – a well thought up title. Some of the numbers veer towards thrash metal which am not so fond of but when its melodic indie power pop punk playing it's brilliant.

The highlights include Kinesis 'And They Obey' (melodic metal punk pop), 'Miss Black America 'Drowning By Numbers' & 'All I Want Is Out' (gentle offering), Chris T-T '7 Hearts' (wistful & melodic clearlakeishness), Neo 'Ashleigh' (heavier fare but also melodic), The Dawn Parade 'Wider Than The January Skies' (big emotional guitar fuelled ballad) & 'Caffeine Row' (singer Greg McDonald on a wondrous epic outing), We Can Build You 'In And Out' (catchy female shriek pop), King Adora 'Born To Lose' (a great guitar break & a #68 in UK singles chart ), Cosy Cosy 'Oh Yeah' (with an arresting female trash bubblegum chorus),18th track is Neo with 'Die In America' (an air raid warning siren signals a chilling but fine melodic outing). Other acts featured are The Virgin Suicides (they offer a couple of killer tracks), Antihero, Kneehigh, The Exiles, Impact, Corporation Blend, Volunteers and Asian Dub Foundation (their 'Black & White' final track #21 offers a beautiful ending to the album).

70 minutes of action sounds stamping out an essential part of the popular music landscape. (8½)

Ron Cooper


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