The Last Hurrah...
Some thoughts on the great Jim Jones Revue by Paul S

[See pix from the Norwich gig here]

Soon, the magnifique Jim Jones Revue will be no more. All good things, and all that,........After a series of more, brilliant gigs, that we have long loved from the Fab 5, it's soon, Au Revoir... It ain't often that a band like JJR come along, and if you, like me, and Jan Neate,/John, Anna Owens, Chelsea C, Jane Palm Gold, have been smitten, for the last wonderful 7 years, you'll know what a blast it's been.

Between the 6 of us, we, collectively, must have experienced JJR around 400, at least, times. So many nights of glorious PunkRockBlues, the spirit of Robert Johnson, Sex Pistols, Little Richard, The Clash and more, are in JJR.

Huge thanks to JJR. Like others, ever since seeing the band at Whats Cookin, one Xmas, I was captured. Alongside feelings, like THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!, I remember saying to a mate, 'Who the hell are this lot?!' This was IT!! Rupert and Jim Jones, standing on the tables, playing the raunchiest, sexiest, Gretschs, with swagger!! Gretschs! This alone, was a sign that JJR were different. JJR were blistering, raucous, vital...

A memorable night, and chatting to JJR after, you knew they meant it. Not since The Clash, had yours truly seen a band who virtually impelled you to GET UP and DANCE! Boy, did JJR swing that night, and proper chaps with it. Truth is, I had to be virtually dragged to that gig by Anna, we weren't aware of JJR. I'd had a long day at work.... She said to me, pre gig, 'Oh God, there's chairs set out!, Now that I'm 40, is this what gigs are to be like now, chairs!?' Fortunately, as JJR came on, people led by her and her pals started to dance, JJR clicked and band and audience moved Le chairs, and let it rip! After, she said, 'I long wondered what it must have been like to be around in the 1950s and see great R'n'Roll. Tonight, I got a real sense of it, Yess!' Here to Save your Souls, indeed!


Their first CD is still, just,about, playable for us. When we got back that night, me and Anna played the first album right through, and right through, again. We, like some pals, were, up for it, and then some. Though knackered, I couldn't get out of my head what we'd just seen. Some of those small gigs JJR played, were something else. One News Year Eve, JJR played the Irish Centre in Camden. A slightly strange night, but what a night.... a great way to bring in a New Year. Seeing them on David Letterman was thrilling, they deserved the spotlight, and didn't they shine! I became a JJR bore at work, relentlessly saying to others, 'You must see them, don't take it from me, They're the bollocks', eventually, even the most sceptical , were won over. Who's remembers the video shoot for Princess & The Frog? 5 takes later and the director was happy, phew, and then, a stonking set from JJR. A tonic, after a poxy day at work!

5 brilliant, individual, maestros, who together, unlocked what is latent in the best music, and Charged! Pity their instruments, I used to think, after yet another hammering onstage. Sweat dripping down guitars, this is what we were after and we got, in buckets (almost). JJR gig's were like running a musical marathon, every note was played as if their last, coming up for air post gig, was a great rush. Boy, was some air sucked in lungs, post show. To my eardrums, I'm sorry. They are well overdue TLC. Several times, has the feedback from those amps not really gone away for about 24 hrs after, but well worth it. A day at work after a JJR gig was bliss, no matter what you dealt with, memories of the show ensured that.


Like all great bands, I bet JJR must have wished, sometimes, they could step off stage and watch themselves...The thrill of seeing them was clearly matched by the joy they had playing, and as they said, the best gigs, were when audiences and band meshed with the fun and energy of the night.

So many great and funny memories, eg Amsterdam, at The Paradiso, when Rupert, inadvertently, kicked a pint over a certain person, close to my heart....cue laughter from a particular JJr member; a bemused Rupert and well, Anna, as ever, handled it with aplomb. Or Brighton, when the PA went and it looked like the show, was off, but, hey presto, back on it came and Whoosh, what a night! The second Xmas show at Whats Cookin, was, as rockin' as the first, perhaps, even more so....and so, it continued. Great gig followed great gig. JJR always smashed it.

Nick Jones, like all classic drummers, making a small kit, sound enormous, Rupert, with a dirty, floor shattering, wall of noise, and that feedback! Henri Herbert!! At times, you could close your eyes at gigs and think you were back in the 1950s, listening to Jerry Lee Lewis, Gavin Jay developed into a slinky, strutting bassist, and then some. Master of ceremonies, Snr Jim Jones, that voice, that panache, that love for what JJR did (and all the influences that inspired the band), all these elements made for great times.

Of course, there were gigs, when, you felt, the audience would prefer to stand and watch, but the sheer sonic force of JJR won people over, and smiles on faces told you, that JJR had pulled it off, again. So many LOL moments too, El Paradiso, in Soho, when in response from a riposte of 'Pervert's' re some quip from Jim, JJ responded, 'Yeah, we don't mind'. One particularly hot night in Ladbroke Grove, helps sum it up; our heroes were to be joined by Mick Jones. Halfway through, an even more sweat drenched night than usual, Rupert's amp could take no more. BANG and it was an ex amp, the night was too steaming for the poor thing... a setback, but temporary, 2 Gretschs went through one amp. Superb, sadly, the amps were so exhausted, as were band/audience, that Mick wasn't able to join in. A blast in more ways than one.

Norwich gig, with your author stage right

Bigger gigs at Koko and Shepherds Bush were just as scintillating, the rush to be down stage front, JJR's raw power, and exhilarating songs. Result, as ever, no voice at the evening's end, as wet as if you'd been swimming, and sheer, unadulterated, JOY, at taking part in such life affirming, passion (real passion, not the X Factor, sort)...JJR are also, of course, gents; every time we've chatted, they have been courteous and full of beans. One night, we left a note on Jim's car, saying how much we'd loved the gig, next thing we knew he'd posted a Pic on FB, the sweetie. Or the times we kept bumping into JJR on train, plain, coach...on their dates in Ireland, last year; every encounter was lively and funny. The gigs? Well, you can guess! Bumping into Jon, Jan Neate, Jane Palm, Chelsea, was always a joy. Hardcore JJR fanatics, too, people who know great music, and will follow it to the end. Sharp, witty, top dollar.... JJR have done some great covers, in their time, too, Slippin n Silding, Big Hunk of Love, not many can take an Elvis song and make it sound their own, whist respecting the integrity of the original.

JJR were also firm supporters of Love Music Hate Racism, important, at a time of rising racism and Islamophobia.

In 2013 JJR played 4 storming nights in Shoreditch. As usual, the JJR East London hardcore were front side, up for it. JJR were simply the best and scaled new heights, clearly feeding off everyones' excess energy. You Tube's give, a great sense of the power, but to be at those gigs, was something else....After show parties were often fitting wind downs. One at Brixton, where Anna got down LOW, dancing with one Glen Matlock, stands out; this after 75 minutes of JJR , was some feat. Matlock, of course, played one night with JJR.... Mick Jones said JJR were the 'greatest band', proper praise.


The last album showed the depth of JJR. Some numbers, In and Out of Harm's Way or Midnight Ocean, Savage Heart, show the richness of JJR. Alongside, the frenetic elan of Where Da Money Go, they displayed depth and a different approach. Then on Marc Riley. recently, they were as ever, brilliant, and Marc R expresed what we all feel, great sadness at the end of JJR. It's fitting of course, that the last tour has been a celebration of JJR. There is much to celebrate; not least, that JJR showed that live shows are what it's all about. JJR have brought so much fun and inspiration to many.

So, only a few more times, will the estastic oomph of Who's Got Mine, Cement Mixer, and the stunning Righteous Wrong, be music to our ears. It's only fitting, for Chelsea, and me, that Freak of Nature, gets an honourable mention, what a sound! Like a Japanese bullet train, on speed! Imagine, oh, Walter Lure, say, playing that....Theres much more I could say, but; here's to the last shows, much respect to JJR and the crew. JJR - Always in our hearts.


Tour Scrapbook

Gijon, Spain, 9.8.2014


Hebden Bridge, 22.8.14


Bristol 1.10.14

Jim Jones revue raised the roof in Bristol! Hot, hot, hot, stunning set! Great to See Jane Palm G, as ever.

JJR Crew and your author

Brilliant crowd, boy, some sweat was poured out by them and by the crew. Lots of highlights, thanks JJR. Great venue, great crowd, magnifique! ...Look out Brighton!


Brighton 2.10.14

Phew what a scorcher was The Jim Jones Revue In Brighton! The joint rocked cos of JJR'S no holds barred, onslaught. From start to finish, it was one, full on show.Anna Owens , me and many other s are fcuked, and wouldn't have it any other way. Cheers to Jane,, Andy and Karen! Bit like Sheepwalk gigs, with Jim and Rupert strutting their stuff on the amps...

Righteous Wrong, Who's got mine, Cement Mixer; wow! To Norwich!

Bringing it all back home with some of the JJR Supremes...

"MAGNIFICENT Jim Jones Revue gig last night. So emotional seeing a band on their last lap, but NOT their last legs. Norwich tonight, London tomorrow. Go if you can." Simon Price


Norwich 3.10.14

It's 2 o clock in the morning and some are still going after yet another superb Jim Jones revue show. Norwich was the lucky place. 18 songs, of frenetic, furious fun and roll, including a great cover of Chinese Rocks....God, we'll miss em but JJR will leave a fantastic, myriad of wonderful memories. How many new and current bands will form, after seeing JJR? Quite a few, methinks. Classic bands leave great tradition s and JJR certainly have, their gigs are a model for any band.

Every Gig is just the best, JJR have always given it everything , that's why we love em.

Love to the crew tonight, Jane Palm Gold and all, and cheers to The Jim Jones Revue, we salute ya!

Norwich, Pic: Jon Luton


London 4.10.14

Listening to the Jim Jones Revue sounchecking for the last Springsteen's sound checks, everything's given...

"Heads Up Rockers! Tonights final JJR show at The Forum will be recorded by Abbey Road Studios for The JJR's first & only live album. So we you want you to scream, shout and stomp your feet to make this the best live album ever! The album will available for sale immediately after the show and online from tomorrow. Rock Hard London!!! XXX" The Jim Jones Review

Au Revoir then to the extraordinary Jim Jones Revue... A superb send off last night, and rightly so. Walter Lure and Nick Lowe were terrific, much great tradition there tonight. To see/ hear Walter Lure in top form was something else. Particularly poignant given so many compadres were taken, far too young.

JJR were a soaring experience, certain songs are full of such soul. Righteous Wrong is poetic and is incredibly powerful. Whos got mine; you name em, as always, JJR scorched the earth with elan. It's been a complete pleasure to have followed the band. It's been a privilege to have seen JJR so often with Jane Palm-Gold, Jan Neate, Karen Pope, Chelsea, Jon, Roger Brock, and of course, Anna Owens, without whom...

The Forum crowd

A stunning 23 songs later and its now time for it to sink in that JJR won't be around... Hard, very, however, what times we have all had, so many sublime gigs, so many wonderous moments. Best to JJR, and all who me and Anna have met along the route and the smashing people we are lucky to call friends, who are fellow JJR ultras.


I thought I'd feel sadder, of course, I feel that sensation, a rare one, when a great band folds. A palpable sense of loss. But hey,. What was uplifting last night, though, alongside JJR's performance, was the collective feeling that all who love JJR have enjoyed so many great times.

Our author in the spotlight at The Forum
Pic David Wala - more of his shots from the Forum gig here

We've been lucky; as Yamma, who came from Japan, to see JJR said, 'They're the best, that's it'. Moreover, as always, the band were courteous and a giggle. I could say more, but... Love to all and look forward to seeing/hearing what comes from the Fabulous Five, in their new adventures. X


JJR Meet Your Author and give the finger to racism

The end

Words Paul S


Pix Paul S, Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T and from the band's facebook page

See more of Rosey's pix from the Norwich gig here