Interesting, very interesting...
Anna C namedrops some harmless sounds

Ode to Harry Dean/Spitting Pearls

Leeds-based Post War Glamour Girls describe themselves as Nick Cave fronting Portishead or Tom Waits grappling with Modest Mouse (in their own words, ‘flipping brilliant’). Which is very difficult to live up to these days. However, with the same dramatic melancholy, they put me more in mind of an ‘indie’ Bookhouse Boys, not least for the passionate male and female vocals duelling in a double A-side that is both brooding and reckless. And so very, very interesting.
Indeed, PWGG- like all the best bands in my opinion- merge sex with angst to create an exciting couple of tracks. Though both are fairly repetitive throughout, their simplicity is refreshing- as ‘Spitting Pearls’ is more mysterious and elegant, so ‘Ode to Harry Dean’ is its pissed-off unabashed alter-ego, standing out for a melodic, spiky dynamic reminiscent of The Clash, the screaming yet subtle political rage of James so beautifully contrasted by Alice’s softer style. “Can’t we all just get along?” they snarl. Carry on like this, and the answer is most definitely a resounding yes. I definitely want to see them live. Can I? Can I? Can I?

Released 10th October, 2011.

Listen here

ANDY BURROWS- If I had a heart

How many name drops can one artist muster in a single press release? I have gleaned that Andy Burrows was the drummer in Razorlight, is now a full-time member of We are Scientists, is recording an album with Editors frontman, Tom Smith, and has also been working on some exciting musical extravaganza with Mark Ronson. What I don’t know is, er, anything else. But nevermind, because apparently all the blurb speaks for itself in that his recent single, “If I had a heart”, is therefore something we would all want to listen to, regardless of what it might sound like, purely because of what he’s done already.


Fortunately, I am not one for being interested in someone because of how many celebrity pals they might have. Indeed, you can count on me for an honest opinion as to how good I think this is, based on musical ability, rather than hype. More pop than one might expect, without really an inkling of the alternative roots he is obviously so proud of, Burrows forges a tryst with harmonious melody in what is little more than a nice little pop song. Which I actually like. Very commercial in style, though not without credibility, ‘If I had a heart’ sounds like something penned by a futuristic Crowded House or a ditty Phoenix could have written for a Farrelly Brothers film.

A review that’s short but sweet, much like the track, there isn’t much more to say than here we have a tune that is infectious, harmless, cosy and charming- even your Nan will love it. Hell, even I would love it, if I had a heart. Arf. Arf.

Released 3rd October, 2011.

Anna C