Hounds - 'Begin Transmission Part 3'

With their new EP, Hounds occupy a space on the spectrum of horror-influenced rock that is thankfully devoid of the gorey imagery that has become a box-tick for many bands of this genre.

Instead, they seem more concerned with demons of the mind. The lyrics for lead track 'Monster' addresses a threat that could be real or imagined, whilst 'Buy Your Soul' totals the final costs of hitting rock bottom.

The bands thrash metal riffage is bolted to jilted-generation dance production which is effective on the lead track but feels overused across the set. It's not to the detriment of the songs, but this approach feels unnecessary because beneath the productions surface is a band with a knack for creating tension from economy.

As their songwriting demonstrates, Hounds understand the traditional horror movie rule of thumb - never let the audience see the monster. Power and suspense are sustained through glimpses which let the audiences imagination fill in the blanks. It is this discipline which could see Hounds eclipse their peers.