Geraint Rhys - “Dilyn”

On 17th November, the independent musician from Swansea, Geraint Rhys, published his new single in Welsh language “Dilyn”. His previous work was about current social problems including a song about the independence movement in Catalonia. However, now we can notice a mindset shift in his music, a new breath of fresh air where he deals with more personal issues.

Artwork is by Russian artist Amy Kour

After listening to the song, even if you don’t speak Welsh, it will catch you from the very first note. Both, music and lyric radiate positivism making you smile while you try to hum the chorus of the song: Hir yw’r oer, felly dilyin dy gallon di (Long is the cold so follow your heart).


With his characteristic and slightly gravelly voice and his guitar, Geraint Rhys presents us a simple but full of energy and a no-frills song where lyric have a more personal touch full of emotions.

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by Maria