Gavin Chappell-Bates – ‘We Are The Ones’

This is the third single from Gavin and no doubt there is an album fast approaching, given the man’s pace of work. ‘We are the ones’ feels like the continuation of a stream of thought started with his last single ‘95’. But where that single focused on a very specific time in his own youth, this track celebrates irrepressible spirit that carries over from the days of no responsibility (“we’re no longer seventeen/but we still dream”).

These upbeat sentiments are matched by an anthemic band arrangement which builds gradually across the songs 4-plus minutes in an easy-going way that rocks it up at the necessary moments without giving way to bluster. It’s a credit to Gavin, the band, and the producer that when that big chorus kicks in, it’s not saccharine. And therein lies Gavin’s charm – an ability to flow freely between pop and alternative rock sensibilities without upsetting the balance of either.


His album will surely be chock full of air-punchers like this one here, so that’s something to look forward to. I do hope there’s space on there for the more brooding material he hinted at on his first single ‘Black Holes’. But like I just said, he’s got balance.