Endangered: Fierce Panda 2004-2014

O.M.G. Fierce Panda is 20 years old. Invented by three NME journalists in, er, 1994 obviously, with releases from the likes of Placebo, Ash, Idlewild, Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie under their belts, there needs to introduction for the label that has been a starting point for much of the music we still hold dear today and it’s clear why it’s still as vital as ever.

A celebration of favourite artists from the last ten years (you’ll have to go elsewhere to hear the first ten)- and dubbed ‘the saddest album in the world’- this compilation includes, not surprisingly, mostly slow tracks to lend an air of gentle nostalgia; the more mainstream success stories in Milo Greene and Ultrasound (winners of the coveted ‘one of the saddest songs in the world’ title for their contribution of ‘Sovereign’) alongside those that sound like they should have had more commercial glory in Goldheart Assembly’s and Woodpigeon’s twinkly tributes to Guillemots and Melanie Pain’s frail but beautiful love-hymn ‘How bad can it be’. Dot that with those responsible for inspiring a whole new generation of poetic scenesters in Art Brut and those they inspired in Dingus Khan, and you have some of the best indie rock music you’ve heard and will enjoy hearing again here. As long as you don’t mind feeling really old in the process.

Released 7th April, 2014.

Anna C