DTT at Creature Sound

Almost exactly 6 months to the day, it was a delight and a joyful relief to attend a local venue for some grassroots live and loud music.

181 days later, we were back at the same venue at which R*E*P*E*A*T hosted our final gig before lockdown, the ever supportive, imaginative and creative Creature Sound of Swansea, who have come up with an ingenious yet safe way to support local artists during this impossibly difficult period.

Not that we actually got in the venue, but the band did! We were socially distanced, sat at tables outside, in the the tastefully illuminated and carefully covered gardens, having logged-in, had our temperatures taken and our hands sanitized. Facing us, below the Swansea stars and scudding clouds, was an enormous screen on which we were to see our local punk rock idols DTT perform.

Idles is a deliberate choice of word; in fact this this was the most fun I've had since watching that band at a similar (if rather more extravagantly financed) broadcast performance two weeks ago. DDT were just as enthusiastic, raucous, loud, passionate and exciting , similarly full of ferocious fun, fervour and false starts.

And Creature Sound had done a great job with the technical side of things, despite them not having quite the resources of Abbey Road. We could see the band clearly and the sound, through freshly disinfected headphones, was incredible. Every pick scratch and rim shot was boomed across to burrow into the skull.

And unlike Idles, the band could see us too! I think this reciprocity empowered and inspired their set,which they clearly enjoyed as much as us. If you've not yet seen them, they play almost hardcore yet magically melodic punk with quirky, powerful and sometimes angry lyrics addressing things that young people (and indeed all of us) should be concerned about : Trump, highway accidents, animal suffering and sexual relations with dogs.


What an unspeakable relief to have a night of live music!

What a great night out, what a great initiative from Creature Sound and what a great send-off for Carwyn, bass player and singer of the band, who was leaving from Swansea for Manchester at 4:30 am the following morning to go to study music at a university so incredibly posh he didn't dare name it “in case you think I'm a fucking Tory”.

Thanks all for an insanely enjoyable breath of sanity.

Good Luck Carwyn, Good Luck Creature Sound, Good Luck DDT.

Saviours of the sounds.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T


Find DTT here
Creature Sound here