Champagne Supernovas
Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T hears some fizzy pop

The Supernovas : Slaughter in the Gaza (
Who could resist this urgent, heartfelt, passionate pop-punk racket against the atrocities continually perpetrated with our money in Palestine? I know nothing about this band except what they reveal on this CD; from a few listens I'd suggest that they've listened to lots of early 80s New Wave, have an angry punk rock attitude with a DIY ethos to match and have managed to package their righteous fury into 3 minute blast of frantic riffing, caustic lyrics and agit-prop invective. Maybe not quite as rabble rousing and contemporary as Lowkey, but just as genuine and just as valid.


Alice Rock : Kill Or Cure (
I'm afraid when a band describes themselves as having a 'quirky sound, amusing lyrics and … a hilarious, loveable image that is waiting to be adored by millions' I immediately reach for the sick bucket. First track 'Kill or Cure' quickly confirms my prejudices; any dubious praise the instrumentation may be worthy of is quickly overshadowed by the extremely aggravating vocals – to call them 'quirky' is to do that word a major disservice. The lyrics are also annoying; having listened to the ridiculous wordplay on the 'Ding Dong Well' nursery rhyme theme that is 'Chips'n'Gravy' once, I'm afraid I've vowed never EVER to listen again. One or two moments in other tracks do hint that there perhaps lies the occasional song lurking beneath the frothy crud on the surface, but if Alice wants to be allowed to Rock anywhere near me again, they need to realise that employing an irritating vocal style does not make you original or whacky or the Altered Images of the 21st Century. Nor does it make up for the lack of a single tune. In the meantime this CD is going straight off to the Mind charity shop before it pushes me over the edge.

These Ghosts You Are Not Lost, You Are Here (NR One Records)
This is an album of laid back, spacey, darkly tinged post rock, reminding me of Chapterhouse, Slowdive and maybe Spaceman Three. The swirly guitars and encircling vocals are held in place by the dominant, forceful, rock solid drums whose sparse precision allows the other instrumentation to veer off towards the stratosphere. The record is quite heavily produced and demands to be listened to in one sitting, ideally in a darkened room, so I'd love to know how the band would cut it live. These Ghosts are all still in their teens, and have an exciting future ahead of them if this is anything to go by. This album release from the always exciting Norwich label NROne Records is preceded by the download single 'Luna', and shows a slice of the talent hiding out in the wilds of East Anglia.

Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T