Cathedrals & Cars - This Is What Collection Means

When I pressed play on Cathedrals & Cars new EP, 'This Is What Collection Means', I had no idea what to expect from it, but was certainly not disappointed. The EP's opening track, 'Posterity Measure' begins, and a powerful drumbeat kick-starts the captivating, haunting EP.


The EP as a whole has a mesmerizing sound to it, with hauntingly beautiful lyrics such as “and all we wanted was to know you by name” (from closing track 'El Alemein'), and a distinct atmospheric guitar sound that flows and blends nicely with Jack Stevens' unique voice. A few influences shone through in particular tracks, with trickles of bands such as The Temper Trap and Tribes oozing in at just the right places.


The breakdowns, although frequent, are each unique in different ways and don't fail to capture you each time. Whether it is the saddening sound of military horns in the beautiful 'El Alemein' or the catchier of 'Blood Relatives', it is clear that a lot of attention to detail has been used as each time I listen to it, I hear something new.
After listening to Cathedrals & Cars' previous releases it came to my attention that this band, made up of Jack Stevens, Danny Robertson, Jack Hubbard and Will Prentice just keep getting better. 'This Is What Collection Means' truly is a brilliant collection of songs, and it will stick with you even when the final bars of 'El Alemein' have finished.

Catherine Lindley-Neilson