Catching A Buzz
Anna C lets her thoughts run wild

REV REV REV- Catching a buzz

Brum brum indeed. Italian duo Rev Rev Rev's sound takes it back to the old school, vast fuzzy guitars creating a psychedelia best filed somewhere in the early 90s section of your CD collection. Loud yet dreamy, singer Laura Iacuzio’s vocal swirls amidst the noisy accompaniment, homemade noisy accompaniment no less in the form of DIY stomp boxes and the like. A lazy but obvious comparison is that they also sound akin to My Bloody Valentine who I have never liked that much but know lots of people that do. So this should whet their whistles.

Released 20th October, 2014. The band are playing next week in the UK in various places.


HABITATS- Peace of mind

This band name just only sounds good if you have David Bellamy saying it. But anyway. A quartet from London and Hampshire (Hampshire, then), their second single is a catchy little beast with super poppy harmonies and oriental-style synths that remind me a bit of Mystery Jets’ dalliance with the 80s. Although Habitats take it to a while new level by nicking the bassy, calypso bit in Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ and sticking it in here, amidst jangly guitars and apparent sunshine melodies.

‘You let your thoughts run wild’, they say. Though they haven’t let theirs do the same when writing this track, one of their members has the beautiful moustache of a ‘70s porn star, which makes up for the fact that ‘Peace of Mind’ is in no way original. But then nor are The 1975 and it hasn’t done them any harm. Habitats are half way through a residency at ‘The Old Blue Last’ so you may as well go and see them, though I doubt it’s the last you’ll hear from them.
Released 3rd November, 2014.



Sharptooth are four Scottish girls who like making noise. Apparently bonding over their love of Hole and PJ Harvey, new single, ‘Sister’, instead sounds a bit like Melissa Auf Der Maur’s solo efforts, mystical and heavy but still with a hint of femininity that is now sadly hidden under Courtney’s nips and tucks. Grungy guitars and almost witchlike vocals compliment each other in what turns out to be quite a long song but with enough twists and turns to keep the listener interested, lurching from seething angriness to a calm, collected hint of walking to one’s doom- also sounding really fresh for something so heavily influenced by the past. Dark and brooding, in summary Sharptooth make a nice change from all the sweet acoustic female artists of late, and confirm why we should be pleased that we still count them as part of our United Kingdom.

Released 20th October, 2014 on Fuzzkill Records.

Anna C