Bullet for My Valentine
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
(English review translated from the original Spanish by the author)

Last weekend, the band Bullet For My Valentine played at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. The concert belonged to its Gravity Tour. I had high hopes in this concert, because for different reasons, and even having the ticket in my hands, the concert always got cancelled due to health problems.

The long-awaited Bullet For My Valentine’s concert finally arrived. Once inside the Motorpoint Arena, we still had to wait quite a bit until we could finally see the band; nevertheless, three different bands, Shypes, Nøthing Mø and Bad Omens, played prior to Bullet For My Valentine making the waiting more pleasant. All of them played electrifying, with an incredible performance on stage. You could sense that all bands enjoyed what they were doing giving it all at all times, and so, the public that attended the concert gave it all too in exchange.

The most special moment arrived when the first chords of the Intro announced that Bullet For My Valentine were ready to appear on stage. The band rocked the place, the public screamed and clapped with enthusiasm as soon as they heard the first notes of Leap of Faith and Over It, two songs that belong to their last album “Gravity”. The band played songs of their new album as well as other older songs. Hence we could enjoy songs as Your Betrayal, 4 Words (To Choke Upon), Not Dead Yet, Venom or Scream Aim Fire. It should be emphasized however, that the band is from Wales, more precisely from Bridgend where they come from, so we can say that they played “at home”, and even though they haven’t played here since 2013, they didn’t take any risks in their setlist and played only quite well-known songs, something that really disappointed me.


A special mention should be made to the song No Way Out. In my opinion, it was one of the best moments during the concert because the singer of the band Shypes, Griffin Dickinson, came out on stage to play the song with Bullet For My Valentine. Both performed amazingly together and, once again, the Motorpoint Arena rocked to its fullest. However, there is no doubt that the most awaited moment for the public was their big hit song Tears Don’t Fall where we could enjoy lot of confetti during the song. This is something quite common lately among renowned bands and makes me wonder if they get the confetti on sales or if they get a discount for playing in a rock or metal band because of the large amounts of confetti they spend every time there is a concert :)

To conclude, and taking into account that I had high hopes in this concert, I must say that the band didn’t take any risks and performed an expected setlist of songs quite popular among its fans. However, they displayed an incredible light show and awesome performance.

In short, it was a good concert that lasted more than two hours and a half, though, in my opinion, something was missing and I was expecting something somehow different.

Words and Pix - Maria Jose Hernandez