BansheeVa - Bansheeva

With the fast and thuggish one-two of 'FOYC' and 'Woman From Mars', Bansheeva's first album begins as disciplined post rock but travels further out with each track like a Hawkwind in Slint's clothing.

Space is the place on ' Sleep When Im Dead' and by the album closer 'Fuck You...', the band are wading through the fiery depths of hell.


Largely instrumental, when the band do decide to add vocals it is done with economy. 'Space Invader' has a repeated three line chant ("You're a space invader/ Say what?/ Get out of my face) and 'Fuck You..." has only the title phrase howled through a bucket load of fuzz.

This is what "mean Aztec Bastard coloured vinyl" looks like...

'Sleep When Im Dead' is the exception to this, with many verses that read like poetry ("snowed in beneath the sheets/ hung on the cusp of sleep") and work well with the songs relaxed groove.

This is a fine opening shot from Bansheeva, hopefully the first of many.